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HST is a security token issuance platform developed by Homebloc, inc. The technology enables the tokenization cycle of security offerings, advisory services integration and capital raising support through registered strategic partners. 

The platform utilizes blockchain technology as a ledger to securely timestamp sensitive information of all assets. This approach enhances the transaction process and speed through automation. In addition, the framework makes it effortless to track ownership history.

The process of tokenization is shifting the industry from a private market to the public market. This shift is dramatically increasing market liquidity and reducing risk for investor.


Early Boykins III

Early is the Director at Andra Capital – a “tokenized” technology growth fund focused on late-stage investments. He advised 8 projects raising over $500m usd and has an extensive network and relationships with STO issuers, crypto friendly banks, VC funds, and custodians. Early is a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation since 2013 and a member of Global Digital Finance.

Elisabeth Anton

Chief Financial Officer Elisabeth’s banking career includes equity research at Credit Suisse in Madrid where she covered the construction and building materials sectors, and private banking with HSBC in Dubai where she was Deputy Global Head of Investment Advisory. She co-founded SME Associates in London, where she consulted with small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Europe. 

Michael Rotondi

Michael has thirty years’ experience as a multidisciplinary enterprise strategist and technologist for startup and mature businesses; his work has been implemented on six continents. One of the companies he co-founded, a management consultancy, became the strategic brain trust for MetLife’s CEO and Board and was later acquired by that firm. Michael’s clients over the years have included Fortune 100 institutions, legendary Wall Street executives, and Dr. Stephen Hawking.

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